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In the 2012 SatisFacts Research-published ebook, Getting Inside the Head of the Online Renter, it was revealed that the highest ranking factor for an apartment resident’s lease renewal decision was “Quality of Maintenance Service Provided.” Believe it or not, the service your maintenance team provides to your residents is more important to resident retention than perks and parties, the appearance and condition of their apartment home, and even the desire for more parking.

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Knowing that maintenance teams play such a critical, yet often overlooked role in the lease renewal process, here are four tips Home Encounter uses wholesale jerseys to leverage this important asset and improve resident retention:

1. Identify Common Maintenance Service Requests

As an entire team, we have identified the most common service requests. Troubleshooting before sending out a vendor for a maintenance request is crucial. We have found there are many maintenance requests that can be repaired by walking through the issue with the resident to see if they can resolve it on their own November — such as wholesale jerseys checking the breakers if electricity is out in one area wholesale jerseys of the home, or resetting the garbage disposal.

2. Follow Up on Every Maintenance Service Request

We follow-up on every completed service request by survey, and by phone 2014 or email. This ensures that their Gay request was met in a timely manner, by professional vendors, and that all work was indeed completed and continuing to be in repair. This aids us in knowing the best vendors in all our markets to provide the cheap mlb jerseys owners the best prices for quality possible.

3. Introduce Maintenance Service Team Members by Name

If a manager needs to be on the property for maintenance completion, we introduce our vendors and provide the credentials for the resident. This helps provide a peace of mind for the resident. It is likely is a manager has a positive, long relationship with a vendor, they will provide quick, thorough service.

4. Nurture Communication between Maintenance and Office Teams

Communication is the most important key between the maintenance team and the property management team. Guitarra The better the communication and respect within the entire team, the more comfortable and secure the residents feel about the service they are receiving. While there are some maintenance team members who feel more comfortable working behind the scenes and just taking care of their service requests, the Kovacs fact of the matter is that Avoid their work wholesale nfl jerseys and resident relationships are the cornerstone of any property’s success and we take this very seriously!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

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